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The west by northwest view across the Law School.  In the foreground are Silliman College's cupola and tower and Woolsey Hall's dome.  The Law School, seen with its towers at either end, lies in the middle ground and is surrounded by Sterling Library, the Hall of Graduate Studies, Payne Whitney Gymnasium and the Yale power facility.


Human Rights Workshop: Janie Chuang, "Giving as Governance? Funding Modern-Day Slavery Abolitionism"

CRISIS in International Law: Confronting the Violence of Non-State Armed Groups

YLSA of Florida presents "The Death of Reputation on Wall Street"

Human Rights Workshop: Ron Slye, "An Outsider’s View from the Inside: Reflections on Kenya’s Truth Commission"

YSLA of PenJerDel: Dark Money and Shadow Parties: The Real Problem with Citizens United

Human Rights Workshop: Frédéric Mégret, McGill University, "Human Rights and Big Data"

David Cohen, "The Changing Landscape of Human Rights and the Rule of Law in ASEAN: A New Beginning or Business as Usual?"