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For its fifteenth anniversary, the Liman Colloquium took up an overarching question for the twenty-first century: how can courts respond to the demand for their services? The issues included providing adequate representation to criminal defendants, the right to “civil Gideon” for people unable to afford lawyers, and what role, if any, alternative processes and new kinds of courts may play in addressing these challenges. Joining the conversation were current and former chief justices from several states as well as scholars, students, practitioners, and many of our Liman Fellows.

Flanked by Judith Resnik and Dean Robert Post '77 are the Honorable Randall Shepard, the Honorable Jonathan Lippman, the Honorable Tani Cantil-Sakauye, the Honorable Wallace Jefferson, the Honorable Chase Rogers, and the Honorable Sue Bell Cobb. 



Susan Biniaz on Climate Change Negotiations: Legal and Other Issues on the Road to Paris

Winter Lecture: Chief Justice Leo Strine, Jr. Corporate Power Ratchet: The Courts’ Role in Eroding “We the People’s” Ability to Constrain our Corporate Creations

Maxim Eristavi, “Dispatch from Russia and Ukraine: Untold Stories of Europe’s Most Intense Battles for LGBT Equality”

Lucinda O’Hanlon, Women's Rights and Gender Section, OHCHR,“Navigating Women's Human Rights at the United Nations: The Case of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights”

Law and Inequality Conference

Law and Inequality Conference

Book Discussion with Bob Woodward

Human Rights Workshop: Margarita López Maya: "Post Chavista Venezuela: Legacies and Challenges”