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Snow, short days, and winter break make for a peaceful and unusually quiet courtyard. 


Human Rights Workshop: Janie Chuang, "Giving as Governance? Funding Modern-Day Slavery Abolitionism"

CRISIS in International Law: Confronting the Violence of Non-State Armed Groups

YLSA of Florida presents "The Death of Reputation on Wall Street"

Human Rights Workshop: Ron Slye, "An Outsider’s View from the Inside: Reflections on Kenya’s Truth Commission"

YSLA of PenJerDel: Dark Money and Shadow Parties: The Real Problem with Citizens United

Human Rights Workshop: Frédéric Mégret, McGill University, "Human Rights and Big Data"

David Cohen, "The Changing Landscape of Human Rights and the Rule of Law in ASEAN: A New Beginning or Business as Usual?"