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Winter Lecture: Chief Justice Leo Strine, Jr. Corporate Power Ratchet: The Courts’ Role in Eroding “We the People’s” Ability to Constrain our Corporate Creations

Maxim Eristavi, “Dispatch from Russia and Ukraine: Untold Stories of Europe’s Most Intense Battles for LGBT Equality”

Lucinda O’Hanlon, Women's Rights and Gender Section, OHCHR,“Navigating Women's Human Rights at the United Nations: The Case of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights”

China Center: Live-Stream & Discussion, Asia Society/ChinaFile

Law and Inequality Conference

Law and Inequality Conference

Book Discussion with Bob Woodward

Human Rights Workshop: Joshua Braver, Doctoral Candidate, Yale Political Science, “Hannah Arendt in Venezuela: Hugo Chávez battles the Supreme Court over the Creation of the 1999 Constitution”