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Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of)[1] [print]

Last edited: December 2005


Summary and Analysis


Jordan ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child on May 24, 1991. According to the Constitution, treaties which affect the public or private rights of Jordanians shall not be valid unless approved by the National Assembly.[2] The Jordanian Government sent the CRC to Parliament in 2004 in order to pass it and publish it in the Official Gazette. To the best of our knowledge, the Parliament has not yet published the Convention.[3] Therefore it seems that the Convention can not be invoked directly.


There is no text in current legislation giving a child the right to express his or her views.[4] However, children practise their right of expression in accordance with the general provision for freedom of opinion and expression in the Constitution.[5] Moreover, Jordan is in the final stages of approving the draft legislation of the Children's Rights Act,[6] which will include in Article 3(d) the child's right to freedom of expression and the right to participate in all issues that concern him or her.[7]


Currently, the Jordanian Penal Code provides for the protection of children from abuse and exploitation.[8] It also provides for the punishment of parents or legal guardians if they neglect or harm the child's health.[9] The Juveniles Act No.24 of 1968 was amended to guarantee protection and care for children who are exposed to abuse by one or both parents.[10] Article 3(a) of the draft Children's Rights Act provides for the protection of the rights of the child and his or her right to life, survival and development.[11] 


Jordan has developed many organizations and instruments that are involved in protection of children's rights, especially in regard to child abuse. The Family Protection Department, under the Public Security Directorate was established in 1997. It receives information and complaints of abuse, including sexual abuse, regardless of the age of the victim, or whether the abuse occurred within or outside the family; it also deals with cases of child neglect.[12] The department enacted a mechanism to hear the testament and statements of children through video recording in order to alleviate the suffering of children and offer the best comprehensive services to them.[13]

The Child Protection Centre Dar Al-Aman was established in 2000 in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development as a specialized centre for the care and treatment of abused children. The Centre receives cases referred to it by the Family Protection Department.[14] The Family Protection Project, funded by the Department of International Development and managed by the British Council, was launched in March 2000. Between the years 2000-2003 it has worked in partnership with governmental and non-governmental organisations to strengthen institutional capacity to combat family violence, child abuse and sexual assault cases.[15]


The National Centre for Human Rights (JNCHR) is responsible for following up on complaints related to children's rights that fall under its scope of work. The centre takes necessary legal action to defend children's rights or to provide all the possible legal assistance for the child.[16]


Many NGOs are involved in promoting children's rights in Jordan. Among them is the National Coalition for Children (NCC) that was established by the National Task Force for Children (The Noor AL Hussein Foundation) as a grassroots forum to facilitate the development of programs and activities that will enhance children's rights and well-being. The Task Force, with the help of UNICEF, has established a training and child rights advocacy program.


Despite our efforts, we were unable to locate a contact person for Jordan.


Sources of Law (In Order of Authority)


Original text




دستور المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية

المادة 15-1-

تكفل الدولة حرية الرأي، ولكل أردني أن يعرب بحرية عن رأيه بالقول والكتابة والتصوير وسائر وسائل التعبير بشرط أن لا يتجاوز حدود القانون.





The Constitution of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan[18]


Article 15

(i) The State shall guarantee freedom of opinion. Every Jordanian shall be free to express his opinion by speech, in writing, or by means of photographic representation and other forms of expression, provided that such does not violate the law…


Additional Links and Resources


http://www.mosd.gov.jo – Ministry of Social Development

http://www.jordanembassyus.org/ - Embassy of Jordan to the U.S.

http://www.noor.gov.jo/main/ntfc.htm - National Task Force for Children

http://www.nchr.org.jo/ - National Centre for Human Rights (JNCHR)



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