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Web Accessibility

Yale Law School understands the necessity of website accessibility. Our web team is committed to implementing features that can be used across a wide range of browsers and platforms in order to give all audiences the features and access to content they require. Our coding adheres to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommendations and validates using automatic and manual processes to ensure compliance.

Some of the steps we are taking in order to improve your website viewing experience are:

    • Resizable text
    • Print versions
    • Contextual–based navigation
    • Unordered lists for navigation coding
    • Alternate text
    • Minimal use of images for layout
    • Table–less design (when not using tabular data; some photo layouts use tables)
    • External cascading style sheets (CSS)
    • Cross platform/browser testing
    • Automatic validation
    • Manual validation

We understand that accessibility is an important and complex issue.  To improve the experience, we welcome your questions and feedback. Please do not hesitate to contact our web team if you have experienced any problems navigating the site or need assistance accessing the information you need.