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Incoming Students

YLS Student Computing Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a computer?
Yes, it is our expectation that you will arrive on campus with a laptop computer capable of running MicrosoftWindows7 or Windows 8;or Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher for Macs. We do not support the Linux platform.

If you are interested in the JD/MBA program please plan to arrive with a Dell laptop runningWindows 7.

I don't have a Notebook computer. What kind should I buy?
The majority of student laptops at YLS are Apple MacBook Airsor MacBook Pros. We strongly recommend purchasing an Apple Care warranty which will extend coverage to a total of three years. In-warrantyMacs are serviced on-site at YLS or at the on-campus Apple Store.Wealso supportBoot Camp installation of Windows on Macs so you don't have to leave theworld of Windows behind.

If you decide to use a PC, we strongly encourage you to purchase one of the laptops from Dell. These computers come with an excellentthree year onsite warranty that covers all repairs, including accidental breakage. We stock spare parts for these laptops and can better assist you should your laptop need repair.For informationregardingstudent discounts oncomputers,go to http://www.law.yale.edu/laptops.

If you choose to purchase a different brand, buy one with a three-year warranty from a major manufacturer such as HP, Lenovo, or Toshiba. When comparing notebook computers, ask about the turn-around time for warranty repairs. Many students find it very difficult to be without a computer for a week or more while waiting for a repair to be completed. You may also wish to inquire about what the warranty covers. Most standard laptop warranties exclude the LCD display and a broken display can be quite costly to repair (up to $1,000.00).

What software do I need?
We only support Windows 7, Windows 8,and Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)or higher. If you buy a new computer make sure it has one of these operating systems installed.

The Law School has licensing for Microsoft Office and Symantec Endpoint Security (antivirus software). You can install these programs once you arrive on campus.

I already have a laptop computer. Can I bring it?
If you have an older laptop (pre-2010) we strongly urge you to purchase a new laptop via the Yale student purchasing portal. If you do not purchase through our program,you should at least have theminimum configuration of Windows 7, a2 GHzCore 2Duoprocessor, and4 GB of RAM.We recommend, however, a minimum of 4 GB of RAM, Windows 7 64-bit on all PCs. For Macbooks/Macbook Proswe recommend 4GB of RAMand Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). Your computer should be equipped with awireless network adapter for accessing the Law School network while on campus.

Do I need a printer?
Yes, you should have an ink jet printer or personal laser printer suitable for printing letters and short papers. The Law School computer cluster has high-speed laser printers for printing longer documents.

When can I set up my email account?
You will receive information on your email and network access account from Yale University by mail in June. Please do not discard or lose this information as it can only be provided to you again in person at the Law School.

What will my email address be?
Yale University has a standard email-addressing scheme. For most students it is firstname.lastname@yale.edu. If you have a common first name and last name your address may include your middle initial. Before giving your address out, verify your email address after June 15 by visiting the Yale online directory at www.yale.edu/phonebook.

Can I access Yale only online services from home?
Yes. All Law Students have access to the Yale VPN , which allows secure access to protected Yale resources from off-campus.