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Student Laptop Program

Welcome to Yale Law School’s Student Laptop page. Yale Law School Information Technology Services seeks to provide students with a standard for hardware and software to ensure maximum compatibility, support, and connectivity within its network. Here you will find information on the special arrangements Yale Law School has made with vendors in an effort to give our students quality choices and provide the best deals possible.

If you will be purchasing a laptop and are not comfortable setting up networking, installing software, or dealing with computer technical support hotlines, we encourage you to purchase a recommended bundle from Dell. Through an agreement between Yale University and Dell, we provide on-site assistance for warranty service on Dell Latitude laptops and stock a number of Dell parts that we can loan out. Apple computers are also supported by our office, but we do not provide hardware support for Apple computers. We support all other laptop brands as long as they have a valid, US-based warranty. All computers with expired warranties are supported on a "best effort" basis.

PLEASE NOTE: Other than Adobe Acrobat, it is not necessary to purchase additional software. The University has a site license for Microsoft Office and you can download it at no charge from e-academy after July 1st. Other software, like Windows 7 Enterprise is available at the YLS Student Helpdesk, free of charge. You can also download Yale-approved software (including Symantec Antivirus) once you have received and activated your NetID. 

To purchase specially priced Apple Products, click here.

To purchase specially priced Dell Products, click here.

To purchase specially priced HP Products, click here.

Please contact Marcin Kloc at 203-432-3509 or Gerard Armoogam at 203-432-3279 if you have any questions about our laptop recommendations.