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Visiting Faculty

Email, Law School Network and YLS:Inside accounts are setup for each visiting professor prior to arrival on campus. Both wired and wireless network access is available through out the building. Law School office computers are setup with a standard suite of software including:Microsoft Office 2010, Corel WordPerfect, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Acrobat X, and Outlook 2010 for email.

If your research requires specialized software or hardware please let us know.

The law school uses a SharePoint-based course management system. If you are not familiar with SharePoint you will find it an easy to use web based tool for postings, syllabi, course documents, emailing your class, andcreating a seating chart. All faculty assistants are familiar with the system can assist you as you prepare your course materials.

AudioVisual support is available in all classrooms. Services include audio and video recording, videoconferencing, webcasting, multimedia presentations, student response systems and other classroom support. If you have questions about using technology in teaching please contact Daniel Griffin, he can let you know what is currently available and assist you in getting set up. Dan can be reached at 203 432 2167 or via email at daniel.griffin@yale.edu. To request classroom support your assistant can make arrangements via the online AV request form.

If you have questions concerning the use of technology before or during your visit please contact Susan Monsen at 203 432 4044.