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YLS Printing

How it works

Once you have the Yale print queues installed on your laptop as described below and you are ready to print a document, go to File then Print. Select BluePrint (formerly YalePrint) from the printer selection menu, configure options (such as duplex) and click Print. Wait until the PaperCut client prompts you for your NetID and password. NOTE: If you are logged into a Yale Law School workstation with your NetID, you will not be prompted again for your NetID password. This only pertains to printing from your own laptop. You must be on YaleSecure for this to work. Once entered and the print job is sent, walk to one of the library printers and sign in on the touchscreen mounted on or near the printer. You can sign in with your NetID or wave your Yale ID Card. Select your print job and click Print Job(s).

Pricing is as follows: Black & White printing is 10 cents for the front side and 2 cents for the back side. Color printing is 25 cents per side.

Instructions for configuring print on your Mac Laptop.
Instructions for configuring print on your Windows Laptop.
Complete list of Papercut printer locations.

Managing your printing account

Add funds to your printing account
Request a refund for a failed print job
Your printing account administration page (you must be on YaleSecure or VPN to access this page)

 If you have any questions or issues please email marcin.kloc@yale.edu.

Printing for free to the LexisNexis Dedicated Printers on L1 of the Library

The LexisNexis printers are located in the copy room (?) on your way to the Lower East Side in the Law Library and can be accessed while on campus or offsite. To print for free to the LexisNexis printer, select the printer icon within Lexis Advance and the first time you are accessing the printer click “Choose Settings”, select “LexisNexis printer” and then you will see both LexisNexis printers–Printer #1-Law Library or Printer #2-Law Library from the list of options.   You can also e-mail the document to yourself, download it, or save it on a Folder within Lexis Advance.  Because the LexisNexis printer option is linked to your LexisNexis password, you can print to the LexisNexis printer from any computer you access Lexis Advance from, including laptops.  Your printer settings will be stored automatically on your LexisNexis account after your first print out request. If you have any questions about printing to the LexisNexis printers at YLS or otherwise accessing Lexis, please contact our LexisNexis representative, Meredith Shuman Casale, meredith.shuman@lexisnexis.com or Lexis Customer Support at (800) 45-LEXIS.