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Professor Mirjan Damaška Honored For Achievements in Comparative Law

Yale Law School Professor Mirjan Damaška has been selected to receive the American Society of Comparative Law’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Comparative law is the study of differences and similarities in the legal systems of different countries. The award, established in 2003, honors “living senior comparatists whose writings have changed the shape or direction of American comparative or private international law.”

Damaška is Sterling Professor Emeritus of Law and Professorial Lecturer in Law at Yale Law School. In addition to comparative and foreign law, Professor Damaška teaches and writes in the fields of procedural law, evidence, international criminal law, and continental legal history. He joined the Yale Law School faculty in 1976.

Professor Damaška said recognition of the comparative law genre was “a source of joy” to him, adding, “In this increasingly interconnected world, comparative law can serve as an instrument to identify deeper similarities behind superficial differences of legal cultures, and concealed differences behind their ostensible similarities.”

In announcing the award, Symeon C. Symeonides, president of the American Society of Comparative Law, said Professor Damaška not only met but exceeded the criteria for the award because his contributions “are not only to comparative law but to law in general, and not just in the United States but around the world.” He added, “We are proud of his accomplishments and gratified that he is one of our members. In a very real sense, by honoring him, the ASCL honors itself.”

Professor Damaška will accept his award at the ASCL annual dinner on October 2, 2009, in Rhode Island.