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For Prospective Students

The Sol and Lillian Goldman Family, Advocacy for Children and Youth Clinic represents children and youth in abuse, neglect, uncared for, termination of parental rights cases and related matters.
The clinic’s abuse and neglect cases may involve allegations of sexual, physical and/or mental abuse as well as allegations of educational, nutritional and/or emotional deprivation. While representing children in these cases, students explore the dual role of lawyer and guardian ad litem for the child, and the representational needs of the particular child. In the course of the clinic’s work, students encounter issues of poverty, domestic violence, mental health, drug dependency, and HIV.
Students work in pairs, undertaking two new cases early in the semester and continue to work on those cases through the semester and, likely, beyond. Case assignments provide students with considerable interaction with clients and their families, opportunities to appear in the Superior Court for Juvenile Matters and in administrative meetings at the Department of Children and Families, and may provide occasions to interact with professionals from various disciplines such as psychiatry, medicine, and social work.  While representing clients, students will have opportunities to become familiar with the inner workings of the Department of Children and Families and potentially other social service agencies in New Haven.