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Senior Chinese Government Leaders Program

The China Law Center played a leading role in the recent Senior Chinese Government Leaders program at Yale University in November, conducted in cooperation with China's Central Party School. The visiting Chinese group was led by Central Party School Vice President and Academic Dean Zhang Bolin and contained senior officials from a variety of national and provincial government entities. This unusually high level program, established this year by Yale University's President Richard Levin, brings senior Chinese government officials to Yale for training related to improving governance in China. A full day of the program was devoted to law. Center Director Paul Gewirtz led a session with the group about the importance of advancing the rule of law and instituting various specific legal reforms in a country's development. Center Deputy Director Jamie Horsley led a session about her pioneering work with Chinese partners to develop more open government information systems, and about further reforms that would help advance government transparency in China. Yale Law School Dean Robert Post led the final part of the program with a session on freedom of speech. Virtually all of the Chinese visitors have some responsibility in their work for legal issues and are engaged in the ongoing legal reform process in China, and were active participants in the Yale discussions.