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Events and Conferences

Every month of the academic year contains events and conferences at the cutting edge of health law and policy. Last year, for example, the Law School hosted a series of events focused on domestic health policy and health care issues, driven in part by the passions of interested students. We welcomed current and former government officials to discuss health reform; hosted a debate over the future of antitrust enforcement in health care; convened an event focused on how health reform will affect access to care for underserved populations; organized career and networking events; co-convened an event on the future of Medicare; and welcomed the founder and president of the nation’s largest insurer, Humana Inc., to discuss his path from YLS to the head of the health insurance industry.

2014 will similarly feature a wealth of health-related events, including at least two major conferences, one examining health reform implementation with a focus on the Health Insurance Exchanges, and the other exploring the implications of current First Amendment doctrine for health. The latter will address potential conflicts between free speech law and the regulation of food and drugs, as well as campaigns against smoking and obesity.