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Capital Punishment Clinic

Students spend two to three weeks in August at the Southern Center for Human Rights in Atlanta or the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, AL, where they meet attorneys, investigators, and mitigation specialists working on capital cases and become a part of a team representing people facing the death penalty. They work on cases, which may include interviews with witnesses, jurors, or clients, depending upon what is happening in the case at the time, as well as legal research, analysis, and writing. Students continue their work over two semesters upon return to law school. Students complete a substantial writing assignment, such as a portion of a motion, brief, or memorandum of law. This course requires participation for both the fall and spring terms. The course is limited to students who have taken Capital Punishment: Race, Poverty, and Disadvantage, or intend to take it the following Spring. Permission of the instructor required. Enrollment limited to six. The instructor is Stephen Bright.