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Michael Asimow

Michael Asimow is Professor of Law Emeritus, UCLA Law School, and Visiting Professor of Law, Stanford Law School (fall 2009). He is past-chair of the ABA Section on Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice and chair-elect of the AALS Section on Administrative Law. Asimow is co-author of "Administrative Law of the European Union-Adjudication" (ABA 2008) and "The Many Faces of Administrative Adjudication in the European Union" (forthcoming Admin. L. Rev. 2009) (both with Lisl Dunlop). Asimow is co-author of "State and Federal Administrative Law" (3d ed. 2009 with Ron Levin), "California Administrative Law" (2002 with Marsha Cohen), and editor of "A Guide to Federal Agency Adjudication" (ABA 2003). He wrote several articles about South African administrative law, including "Administrative Law Under South Africa's Final Constitution: The Need for an Administrative Justice Act," 113 So. Afr. L. J. 613 (1996). Asimow is also editor of "Lawyers in Your Living Room! Law on Television" (ABA 2009), co-author of "Reel Justice:  The Courtroom Goes to the Movies" (2d ed. 2006) (with Paul Bergman) and "Law and Popular Culture: A Course Book" (2004)(with Shannon Mader).