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David Fontana

David Fontana joined the GW Law faculty in 2006. He currently is completing a doctoral degree in socio-legal studies at Oxford University.  Before coming to GW, he clerked for Judge Dorothy W. Nelson on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. He has published articles in legal journals including the UCLA Law Review, Georgetown Law Journal, Virginia Law Review (with Bruce Ackerman), Connecticut Law Review, and Fordham Law Review. Professor Fontana also has written for Slate, The National Law Journal, The New Republic Online, Legal Affairs, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Atlantic Monthly (with Bruce Ackerman), The Los Angeles Times, and Findlaw.
He has advised congressional and presidential campaigns on legal and foreign policy issues and also has advised governments on the process of constitution-drafting in newly emerging democracies. He teaches constitutional law and comparative constitutional law.
His website is