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Janet McLean

Janet McLean was appointed Professor of Law and Governance at the Dundee Law School in 2006. She previously held the position of Associate Professor at The University of Auckland Faculty of Law, and was Director of the New Zealand Institute of Public Law at Victoria University of Wellington1997-1999. She has held visiting fellowships at The Australian National University (2001) and the University of Dundee (2005) and was the George P. Smith Distinguished Visiting Professor at Indiana University at Bloomington in 2003. She has acted as an advisor to the NZ government on numerous occasions serving on the Legislation Advisory Committee and on a ministerial inquiry into Human Rights Protection in New Zealand (2000). She has also contributed to the work of the World Health Organisation in the Western Pacific. Her academic interests include human rights and administrative law, comparative constitutional law, tortious liabilities of public authorities, and the relationships between legal and political theories of the state.