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Adam Tomkins

Adam Tomkins joined the law school at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, in 2003, having previously taught at St Catherine's College, University of Oxford (2000-03) and at King's College London (1991-2000). He specializes in constitutional law and has research interests in British, EU and comparative constitutional law, constitutional theory and constitutional history. He is widely published, especially in British constitutional law and in EU law. His books include Public Law (Clarendon Law Series, OUP, 2003), Our Republican Constitution (Hart, 2005) and Turpin and Tomkins, British Government and the Constitution (CUP, 2007, 6th ed). Professor Tomkins is particularly interested in all things republican where his work on republican constitutionalism in the British 17th and 18th centuries is ongoing. His current research interests include projects in terrorism and civil liberties; the history of constitutional law, especially of British constitutional law (post-1600); and EU constitutional law.