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Jiunn-rong Yeh

Jiunn-rong Yeh (LLB, LLM, National Taiwan University; LLM, JSD, Yale Law School) is Professor of Law and Director of Public Law Research Center at College of Law, National Taiwan University, where he teaches Environmental Law, Constitutional Law and Administrative Law. As a public law professor, he has been substantially involved in many constitutional, legislative and regulatory issues in Taiwan, including drafting of several major legislative bills, such as the Freedom of Information Act, the Administrative Procedural Act, the Superfund Law and the Greenhouse Gases Control Act.

Professor Yeh’s extensive publications of books and articles in both English and Chinese cover topics such as environmental law and policy, global environmental sustainability, constitutional change, and globalization and regulatory process. He received the Award of Excellence in Research from the National Science Council. Professor Yeh joined the Cabinet of Taiwan as a Minister without Portfolio in 2002, in charge of inter-ministerial coordination. He also served as Executive Director of two important councils chaired by the Premier: the National Council for Sustainable Development and the Council for Organic Reform. In 2005, Professor Yeh was elected Secretary-General of the National Assembly that approved the constitutional revision proposals by Legislative Yuan. In 2006, Professor Yeh was appointed as Distinguished Professor of Law.