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Javier Barnes

Javier Barnes was Professor of Administrative Law at the University of Seville, and head of the Comparative Administrative Law Institute at the University of Seville for a number of years. He is currently teaching comparative and European administrative law at the University of Huelva. He is leader of the international research project on innovative administrative law, Global Law Press, sponsored by Spanish and European funds (

He has held visiting professor positions in different Universities in Germany and Italy, and has been a visiting academic in many other countries, i.e., on the Humboldt Fellowship (1992/1993, 2008) and the Jean Monnet Fellowship at EUI (1994), and in NYU (1999, 2007).

His research focuses on comparative and European administrative law: administrative procedure and judicial review, principle of proportionality, administrative law and new methods of governance and regulation, as well as human rights in comparative law.

Some of his most recent publications, as both editor and contributing author, include:

Transforming Administrative Procedure, (edited by Javier Barnes), Global  Law Press, Seville, Spain, 2009 (some excerpts available at

Challenges and Reform of Administrative Law, (edited by Javier Barnes), Global Law Press, Seville, Spain, 2006 (some excerpts available at

Among his most recently published articles are:

“Judicial Review of Administrative Action in the Framework of New Methods Of Regulation and Governance”, Administrative Justice in the World, México,  2008.

“Collaboration among Public Administrations through Domestic Administrative Procedure”, in Schmidt-Aßmann et al, Herausforderungen an  das Allgemeine Verwaltungsrecht, New Administrative Law, Berlin, Germany,  2008.

“The Meaning of the Principle of Proportionality for the Administration”, in  Schäffer et al, Constitutional Principles in Europe, Societas Iuris Publici
Europaei, Fourth Congress, Göttingen, Germany, 2008.

“Information Regulation and its Consequences on Administrative Law”,  Revista Catalana de Dret Public, 2007, núm. 35, Barcelona, Spain.

“Indemnification for Patrimonial Damages and Restitution of Property in the  Framework of Transitional Justice”, in Territorio, Patrimonio y
Desplazamiento, Bogotá, Colombia, 2006.

Other representative publications are:

Property Rights, Expropriation, and State Liability: Germany, France, Italy,  Spain, European Union, (edited by Javier Barnes), Tecnos, Madrid, 1996.

Judicial Review of Administrative Action in Comparative Law, (edited by  Javier Barnes), Civitas, Madrid, 1993.

Administrative Procedure in Comparative Law, (edited by Javier Barnes), Civitas, Madrid, 1993.

Javier Barnes has been Attorney-Adviser, at the Constitutional Court in Madrid, Consultant at the International Law Firm “Cuatrecasas”, in Madrid, and elected Member, Council of State in Andalusia, in Granada.