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How Children's Voices Are Heard

Representing Children Worldwide presents a global snapshot of legal provisions to guarantee children's right to express views freely in child protective proceedings. The website is the first comprehensive review of how children's voices are heard in child protective proceedings and is the result of a year and a half of diligent research conducted by Clinical Professor Jean Koh Peters and a team of Yale Law School students and affiliates.

Representing Children Worldwide provides a summary of the practices of each of the 194 signatories to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child and the 56 jurisdictions within the U.S., as well as background information on each jurisdiction's child protective practices, and web resources and contact information for further research.  The website uses an easy-to-navigate interface to guide web users to the listing for each jurisdiction. For many countries, the statutes are presented in their original language, as well as in English, to make them as useful as possible for advocates and researchers around the world. Explore Representing Children Worldwide yourself...