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The Yale Human Rights and Development Law Journal, a premier journal in the field, is seeking articles between 25,000-30,000 words on topics at the nexus of human rights and development law.

The Journal strongly prefers to receive submissions through ExpressO - Berkeley Electronic Press's widely used law review submissions service. In the alternative, authors may send an email to yhrdlj@yale.edu.  Authors should not be law students at the time of submission unless they are submitting an article for inclusion in the online component and should include a CV with their submission.

The Journal is open to a wide variety of articles dealing with development and human rights issues and encourages authors to submit articles with a regional and global focus as well as articles dealing with a particular sector in addition to articles that are more universal or theoretical. Articles should be of high quality; original; appropriately sourced (not over-reliant on secondary materials/journal articles); well written; and Bluebooked. The editors of the Yale Human Rights and Development Law Journal look forward to reading your submissions.

For more informaion about the Journal, click here.