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Yale Law School has secured its position as the leading intellectual center for the study of law, economics, and organization thanks to its world class faculty. In addition to scholarly excellence, Yale faculty have always played prominent public roles. Yale Law School teachers have held important roles in all major American policy moments of the past century. Roosevelt's New Deal involved many faculty (such as Jerome Frank and Thurman Arnold) in its construction and engaged them in the active making of policy. Eugene Rostow, Alexander Bickel, and many others either held positions in government or served as informal but close advisers to policymakers during the civil rights and Vietnam war eras.

Yale Law School Administrative Law and Public Policy Faculty:

Bruce Ackerman
Ian Ayres
Robert Ellickson
Michael Graetz
Henry Hansmann
Christine Jolls
Alvin Klevorick
Yair Listokin
Jonathan Macey
Daniel Markovits
Jerry Mashaw
George Priest
Roberta Romano
Susan Rose-Ackerman
Alan Schwartz