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The Millstein Center for Corporate Governance & Performance

The Yale Center for Corporate Governance and Performance at the Yale School of Management is founded on its premise that today the corporation is an institution which is expected to enhance society. The Center explores the various means by which corporations can meet this expectation, recognizing that remaining competitive in their respective markets is a prerequisite for their survival and contribution to the enhancement of society. Firmly committed to market solutions, the Center looks to enhanced corporate governance as a means of resolving tensions among the corporation’s constituencies and objectives.

The Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale (formerly the Yale Center for International and Area Studies)

The Whitney and Betty Macmillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale is the University's focal point for encouraging and coordinating teaching and research on international affairs, societies, and cultures around the world. It draws its strength by tapping the interests and combining the intellectual resources of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and of the professional schools. The Center seeks to make understanding the world outside the borders of the United States, and the role of the United States in world, an integral part of liberal education and professional training at the University.

African Studies
Committee on Canadian Studies
East Asian Studies
European Studies
Jackson Institute for Global Affairs
Latin American and Iberian Studies
Middle East Studies
South Asian Studies
Southeast Asia Studies

Yale University Graduate Program in Economics

Yale University Graduate Program in Political Science

Yale University Graduate Program in International Relations

Yale School of Management

Yale School of Public Health

Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies