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Law Teaching Market Timeline (2013-2014)

Early May

Finish Draft of Job Talk Paper To Send to Recommenders 1

Late May/Early June

Contact Law Teaching Placement Committee & Your Recommenders
Even if you are only tentatively interested in entering the law teaching market in 2013-2014 (for placement to start teaching in fall of 2014), you should email the Law Teaching Placement Committee at lawteaching@yale.edu expressing your interest. Please send a one-page abstract, and if possible, a draft of your job talk paper.

Candidates should also contact their faculty mentors to confirm that they are prepared to serve as recommenders and to request feedback on the abstract and/or draft of their job talk paper. The goal of the first exchange with your faculty recommenders is to determine whether you are prepared to go on the job market this year. If you and your recommenders agree that you are prepared, your initial conversations with them should help you clarify your short term priorities.  If your recommenders believe you should wait to go on the market, these conversations should help you determine the appropriate next steps, including applying for interim positions or advancing your writing projects.

If you decide after this date that you are interested in going on the market, your first step should still be to contact the Law Teaching Placement Committee.

July 8

Deadline for Scheduling Introductory Chat with Law Teaching Placement Committee
Candidates should email Marge Camera (marguerite.camera@yale.edu) to schedule an appointment to have an introductory telephone chat with Professor Ayres about their candidacy.  The goal of this initial conversation is to let Professor Ayres learn about you, and to discuss things you can do before the Fall.  It also lets him react to the core ideas behind your job talk and to your CV presentation.  Prior to the phone call, you should email Professor Ayres a copy of your CV with annotated descriptions of your writing (especially your proposed job talk). 

If you find yourself coming onto the market after July 8th, you should still arrange to speak with Professor Ayres as soon as possible.

July 8

Deadline for Applying To Present Job Talk Paper at Moot Camp
Moot Camp, held annually at the beginning of the hiring season, provides candidates an opportunity to moot their job talk papers and get advice from alumni and professors about the law teaching market that they are preparing to enter.  Many candidates report that Moot Camp is extremely helpful in preparing them for the hiring process and improving their job talk.  This has been especially true for clinical candidates, especially those in practice who may have fewer opportunities to present their scholarship in an academic setting.  In order to apply to present your job talk paper at moot camp, you must submit an abstract of the paper to katherine.pothin@yale.edu by July 8th. Candidates will be notified by July 15 if their paper has been selected for presentation at Moot Camp.

July 26

Deadline for Submitting CV for Inclusion in YLS Candidate Book
We strongly suggest you include your CV in the Yale teacher candidate book. This book is sent to every law school in the United States in early August. To do so, you must submit a copy of your CV to CDO’s YLS Career Management System by this date. You must also fill out a CDO survey on teaching preferences. More information and instructions will be distributed through the Law Teaching Committee email list.  (Note: Candidates often send updated versions of their CV to individual schools later in the year; the deadline is just for inclusion in the Yale teacher candidate book.)

August 1 Recommended Deadline for Sending Pre-Moot Camp Draft of Job Talk Paper to Faculty Recommenders
Candidates are strongly encouraged to work out a schedule with their advisors that will allow advisors to provide commentary on a draft of the job talk paper and that will allow candidates sufficient time to make revisions based on that commentary before the deadline for the final submission of the papers to Moot Camp. Although this deadline should be individually arranged with faculty advisors, it should likely be no later than August 1st.

August 14

First FAR Submission Deadline
The Faculty Appointments Register (FAR) is available online to all AALS law schools and is the primary way in which schools search for applicants. To be listed in the register and to participate in the Faculty Recruitment Conference, you must register online at www.aals.org under “Faculty Recruitment Services.” A schedule of fees and registration deadlines is also posted there. Although there are several FAR distributions and deadlines, it is very advantageous to be included in the first distribution.  You should also upload a pdf version of your annotated CV as part of your online registration.

August 15

Moot Camp Presenters Must Submit Their Papers by this Date
August 23 Recommended Deadline for Applying Directly to Targeted Schools
Candidates are encouraged to send their materials to the chairs of the hiring committees of schools in which they are especially interested by this date. In mid-August, the Law Teaching Committee will provide YLS candidates with contact information for hiring committees at a variety of schools. Candidates should be in touch with their recommenders and the Law Teaching Committee to help select the schools to which they will apply directly. Candidates can also ask their recommenders to contact colleagues at a small number of schools.

August 28

Deadline for Signing Up To Attend Moot Camp (Without Presenting a Paper)
Please email katherine.pothin@yale.edu if you would like to attend.

Saturday, September 7

Moot Camp


Law Teaching Placement Committee Conducts Phone Moots of Job Talk Paper

October 17-19

AALS Faculty Recruitment Conference
Please stop by the Yale hospitality suite during the conference. We will send more details closer to the Conference, but we will provide food, beverages, advice and camaraderie

November – April

Callback Interviews

1 This schedule and timeline represent the ideal. While it is best to finish your job talk paper in early summer in order to have time to gather and incorporate feedback (which is often substantial) before Moot Camp, many ultimately successful candidates did not have a complete draft in May. In particular, clinical candidates may or may not need completed papers (although some scholarship is increasingly the norm).