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About the CompAdmin Blog
Posted Tue, 26 May 2015 17:20:41
This blog is part of the Comparative Administrative Law Initiative at Yale Law School and supported by a grant from the Oscar M. Ruebhausen Fund at Yale Law School. It aims to help inform scholars and practitioners of administrative law about new developments in administrative law in a wide range of countries and institutions. Our […]
[Scholarship] New Articles on Administrative Law & Regulation (30th installment)
Posted Sat, 09 May 2015 22:03:00
Accountability & Decision-making Processes Donald J. Kochan, Constituencies and Contemporaneousness in Reason-Giving: Thoughts and Direction after T-Mobile (April 2015) [SSRN] Ben Worthy, Access to Information in the UK and India (2015) [SSRN] Judicial Review Gillian E. Metzger, The Constitutional Duty To Supervise, 124 Yale Law Journal (April 2015) [YLJ] Paul P. Craig, Judicial Review and […]
[Scholarship] New Articles on Administrative Law & Regulation (29th installment)
Posted Tue, 17 Mar 2015 01:29:00
Accountability & Decision-making Processes Steve R. Johnson, Reasoned Explanation and IRS Adjudication (February 2015) [SSRN] Michael Herz, ACUS – And Administrative Law – Then and Now (February 2015) [SSRN] Judicial Review Christine Kexel Chabot, Selling Chevron (March 2015) [SSRN] Mark Walters, Respecting Deference as Respect: Rights, Reasonableness and Proportionality in Canadian Administrative Law (March 2015) […]
[Scholarship] New Articles on Administrative Law & Regulation (28th installment)
Posted Mon, 29 Dec 2014 16:09:00
Accountability & Decision-making Processes Kent H. Barnett, Improving Agencies’ Preemption Expertise with Chevmore Codification (November 2014) [SSRN] Edward H. Stiglitz, Unitary innovations and political accountability, 99 Cornell L. Rev. 1133 (2014) [HeinOnline] Oren Perez, Can Experts Be Trusted and What Can Be Done About it? Insights from the Biases and Heuristics Literature (September 2014) [SSRN] […]
[Scholarship] New Articles on Administrative Law & Regulation (27th installment)
Posted Sun, 02 Nov 2014 11:20:00
Accountability & Decision-making Processes Gillian E. Metzger, Through the Looking Glass to a Shared Reflection: The Evolving Relationship between Administrative Law and Financial Regulation (September 2014) [SSRN] Peter L. Strauss, The Administrative Conference and the Political Thumb (August 2014) [SSRN] Judicial Review Peter M. Shane & Christopher J. Walker, Foreword – Chevron at 30: Looking […]