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Current Clinic Work

The Education Adequacy Project’s current work centers on ongoing litigation against the State of Connecticut. The clinic represents several parents and children who allege that the State is violating its state constitutional duty to provide “suitable and substantially equal educational opportunities.” The parents and children are bringing the lawsuit to ensure that every child in Connecticut, regardless of the child’s city of birth, or the wealth of the child’s parents, is provided a suitable educational opportunity that is equal to the opportunities being provided to children in all areas of the state.

As the plaintiffs’ lawyers, students in the clinic are involved in all aspects of the litigation, including appearing in court, conducting fact finding in local schools, drafting legal briefs, deposing witnesses, and analyzing expert testimony.

Additionally, the clinic also represents the interests of the Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding (CCJEF), which is an organization consisting of mayors, superintendents, boards of educations, and other education advocates. CCJEF works to raise awareness about the current under-funding of the State’s public schools.