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Independent & Group Reading

After the first term and with the approval of a faculty member, students may undertake reading or research programs for credit.  There are two types of programs: supervised reading or research with a faculty member, and reading groups.  No more than 10 units of credit for reading or research programs may be counted toward the 83 units required for graduation.  No more than 4 of these 10 units may be for participation in reading groups. 

In the case of supervised reading and/or research, the program must be arranged with the faculty member and filed with the registrar’s office within the first two weeks of the term.  In the case of an approved reading group, each participating student may receive no more than 1 unit of credit, which must be ungraded. 

Some past reading projects include:

  • Topics in Latin American Law
  • Introduction to Partnership Taxation
  • Education Policy
  • Global Health and Human Rights
  • Animal Law