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Extensive course offerings and an outstanding law faculty shape Yale Law School’s dynamic intellectual community and facilitate deep engagement with international legal issues. A significant number of the permanent faculty, including a number of full-time endowed faculty chairs, focus on international or comparative law issues. In addition, each year YLS hosts distinguished visiting lecturers and fellows, including senior jurists from international courts and tribunals, who teach or co-teach classes.


Yale Law permanent faculty teaching international or comparative law courses include:
Bruce Ackerman (Comparative Constitutional Law)
Muneer Ahmad (Transnational Development Clinic)
Jack Balkin (Comparative Constitutional Law; Freedom of Expression; Director of Information Society Project)
Lea Brilmayer (African Legal Issues; Conflict of Laws; International Courts and Tribunals)
Robert A. Burt (Biomedical Ethics)
Amy Chua (Ethnic Conflict; International Business Transactions; Law and Development; Law and Globalization)
Mirjan R. Damaška (Comparative Law; European Legal History; International Criminal Law)
Daniel C. Esty (International Environmental Law; International Trade Law; Law and Globalization)
Owen M. Fiss (Law and Terrorism; Middle East Legal Studies Seminar (MELSS); Seminario en Latinoamerica de Teoria Constitucional y Politica (SELA))
Paul Gewirtz (American Foreign Policy; The Yale China Center)
David Singh Grewal (International Trade Law)
Oona A. Hathaway (Human Rights; Law and Globalization; National Security Law; Treaty Law; Center for Global Legal Challenges)
Paul W. Kahn (International Law; Theory and Practice of Human Rights; Human Rights Workshop; Director of Orville H. Schell, Jr. Center for International Human Rights)
Amy Kapczynski (Global Health; International Intellectual Property Law; Co-Director of the Global Health Justice Partnership)
Harold Hongju Koh (Human Rights; National Security Law, Private International Law; Public International Law)
Anthony Kronman (Law and Religion; Middle East Legal Studies Seminar (MELSS))
Douglas S. Kysar (International Environmental Law; Law and Development)
John Langbein (Comparative Law; European Legal History)
Daniel Markovits (International Tax Law; Law and Globalization; Seminario en Latinoamerica de Teoria Constitucional y Politica (SELA))
Robert C. Post (European Union Law; Freedom of Expression)
  W. Michael Reisman (International Commercial Arbitration; International Investment Law; Public International Law)
  Judith Resnik (Equality, Citizenship, and Sovereignty - Transnationally; Dignity, Equality, and Community - Transnationally; Faculty Director of Global Constitutionalism Seminar; Founding Director of The Arthur Liman Public Interest Program)
Susan Rose-Ackerman (Comparative Administrative Law; Law and Development)
Jed Rubenfeld (Constitutional Law; Criminal Law)

Peter Schuck (Immigration; Refugee Law)
   Scott Shapiro (Transnational Law)

James J. Silk (Human Rights; Human Rights Workshop; Executive Director of Orville H. Schell, Jr. Center for International Human Rights; Clinic Director of the Lowenstein International Human Rights Clinic)
Alec Stone Sweet (Comparative Law; European Union Law; International Investment Law; Law and Globalization)
James Q. Whitman (Comparative Law; Law of Armed Conflict; Western Legal History)
Michael Wishnie (Worker & Immigrant Rights Advocacy Clinic; Veterans Legal Services Clinic; Advanced 9-11 Clinic)