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Lectures & Events

YLS Students with Gruber Lecturer Dr. Shiran Ebadi, Nobel Laureate and Iranian activist.

Each week Yale Law School hosts a number of events to discuss and debate the latest issues in public and private international, transnational, and comparative law. In addition to drawing upon the expertise of faculty and students, YLS regularly hosts leading jurists, activists, lawyers, and theorists from around the world to share perspectives and experiences. Read more about YLS and campus events through the YLS International Programs e-Newsletter.

As in all areas of YLS intellectual life, students play a central role in developing and participating in these events. Student organizations also regularly host additional events, guest speakers, and initiatives relating to international issues. The result is an expansive range of events that engage students' intellectual curiosity, scholarship, and diverse professional interests.

A small sample of Yale Law School signature lectures and events with an explicitly international focus includes:

  • The Dallah Albaraka Lectures on Islamic Law & Civilization will host six events during the 2012-2013 academic year. The lecturers represent a range of disciplines and viewpoints, and include a lawyer, a political scientist, an historian, and an engineer who is a leading Iranian philosopher.
  • The annual Bernstein Symposium is a two-day event each Spring that explores in-depth a human rights issue of current import. In addition to panel discussions with guest speakers, the event features presentations by YLS graduates who have recently completed Bernstein and Robina fellowships.
  • The Gruber Distinguished Lectures in Global Justice and Women's Rights feature pathbreakers in the fields of international justice and the advancement of women. The Gruber Lectures are complemented by panels, conferences, and smaller-scale events where the lecturers interact with students and faculty in more intimate and informal settings.
  • The Latin American Series at Yale Law School is an initiative that brings to the Law School distinguished speakers to discuss major legal, economic, and social issues concerning Latin America. The Series is sponsored by Yale Law School and the Council on Latin American and Iberian Studies at the Yale Center for International and Area Studies.
  • The endowed Sherrill Lecture features distinguished visitors with special expertise in international law and international relations.
  • The Schell Center for International Human Rights hosts the Human Rights Workshop, a weekly forum for students and faculty to engage both practical and theoretical challenges in international human rights advocacy.
Check the YLS International Programs Newsletter and YLS online calendar for upcoming events.