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About the First Term

Law school students everywhere take many of the same classes: Constitutional Law, Contracts, Procedure, and Torts. But at Yale Law School, each student takes these courses during the first term, and one of these courses is taken in a “small group” seminar format, with about 18 classmates and a faculty member.

The small group is at the heart of Yale’s first-term experience, and these seminars are led by some of the School’s best professors. The small size of the class ensures that students develop a close relationship with the professor and with each other.  Many students find this class to be one of the most memorable experiences of their three years here, with small group members often forming close bonds that last not only through the three years of law school, but after graduation as well.  Here, students learn not just the subject matter of the course, but how to begin thinking, researching, and writing about the law. In addition, all first-term courses are graded on a Credit/Fail basis.