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Events & Programs

Career Education Programs
CDO provides a wide selection of programs focused on the public interest sector. Leading public interest attorneys from across the country, many of them YLS graduates, are regularly invited to give talks on careers in their areas of practice and on how they achieved their career successes. Students and alumni are welcome to view many of these programs online via streaming video, by clicking here. For a complete listing of past programs for the 2012 – 2013 year, click here

Mentor in Residence Program
Through the Mentors in Residence Program, law school visitors who are engaged in public interest careers spend a day on campus providing individual counseling sessions to students. To see a list of the Mentors in Residence for the 2012 – 2013 year, click here.

Interview Programs
CDO conducts two interview programs each year, and public interest and government employers come to recruit YLS students. YLS covers all registration and interview room expenses for public interest employers.

Public Interest Student Career Fair
CDO organizes an annual Public Interest Student Career Fair, at which second- and third-year students who have worked in public interest jobs over the summer share their experiences with interested students. The fair takes place in mid-November and has over 100 student volunteers representing public interest employers. For more information on this fair, contact Juliann Davis, Assistant Director of Administration at 203-432-7191.  

The EJW Career Fair and NYU Public Interest Career Fair
YLS sponsors students to attend the Equal Justice Works (EJW) Career Fair and Conference in October in Washington DC, and the NYU Public Interest Career Fair in February in New York City. The law school pays for the registration and covers reasonable travel expenses. 

Career Development Office Programs for 2012-2013


Nuts & Bolts of the USDOJ SLIP & Honors Programs (Webinar)-Speaker: Julie Zebrak, Special Counsel for Attorney Development and Inclusion


YLS Public Interest Fellowships: Liman, Bernstein/Robina, Heyman, Gruber & YPIF-Speakers: Akua Akyea, Hope Metcalf, Jim Silk, Sara Lulo, and Megan Barnett

The 2L Public Interest Job Search–Speaker: Akua Akyea, CDO


Conceiving Reproductive Justice: Advancing a Broad Approach to Reproductive Rights–Speaker: Emily Martin ’98, National Women’s Law Center (Cosponsored with Yale Law Women)

The State of the Right to Counsel for Juveniles–Speakers: Joshua Perry, Juvenile Regional Services in Louisiana; Christine Rapillo, Connecticut Office of the Chief Public Defender; and Sia Sanneh ’07, Senior Liman Fellow (Cosponsored with CAP and ACS)


1L Introduction to Public Interest Careers: Developing a Game Plan–Speaker: Akua Akyea, CDO

Financing Your Summer Public Interest Job: SPIF–Speakers: Jim Silk, Asha Rangappa and Jill Stone

17th Annual Public Interest Career Fair– 2Ls and 3Ls share their knowledge of public interest employers with whom they have worked


Careers in Environmental Law–Speakers: Tomas Carbonell ’08, Environmental Defense Fund and Paul Beaton ’10, National Academy of the Sciences (Cosponsored with YELA)


Pro Bono Network Info Session–Speakers:Akua Akyea, CDO and Tamar Lerer ’13, PI Student Director

From Take Downs to Telecom: A Conversation with the FBI General Counsel–Speaker: Andrew Weissmann, FBI


Skadden Fellowships: A Conversation with Susan Butler Plum-Speaker: Susan Butler Plum, Executive Director, Skadden Fellowships Foundation

Health Law Career Panel-Speakers: Shena Elrington ’08, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest; Michael Helbing ’08, Food and Drug Administration; Anne O’Hagen Karl ’09, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips; Bill Aseltyne, Yale-New Haven Hospital (Cosponsored with Yale Health Law Policy Society)


Nuts & Bolts of EJW Fellowships–Speaker: Nita Mazumder, Program Manager, Law School Relations at EJW

Heyman Fellowships–Speakers: Barrett Anderson ’12, Elizabeth Kelly ’12, Michael Love ’12, and Tara Rice ’12

Coping Through COAP–Part I (Cosponsored with the Financial Aid Office) –Speaker: Jill Stone

COAP in Action: Part II (Cosponsored with the Financial Aid Office)–Speaker: Jill Stone

How To Make the Most of Your Public Interest Summer-Speakers: Stuart Smith, New York City Law Department and Eve Stotland ’99, The Door

Fellowships Overview–Speakers: Akua Akyea, CDO, Sara Lulo, and Jim Silk

Career Development Office - Mentors in Residence for 2012-2013

Chief Justice Dana Fabe, Alaska Supreme Court

Joshua Perry, Juvenile Regional Services, Louisiana
Christine Rapillo, CT Office of the Chief Public Defender
Kevin Keenan ’02, ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties
Judith Miller, Federal Defenders of San Diego

Tomas Carbonell ’08, Environmental Defense Fund
Paul Beaton ’10, National Academy of the Sciences

Andrew Weissmann, FBI General Counsel

Susan Butler Plum, Skadden Fellowship Foundation

Kathleen Claussen ’10, Permanent Court of Arbitration
Nita Mazumder, EJW
Heyman Fellows:
Barrett Anderson ’12
Elizabeth Kelly ’12
Michael Love ’12
Tara Rice ’12