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Public Interest Courses

PI Courses Recently Offered

The following is a sampling of courses offered at Yale Law School for students to pursue education in public interest topics. These courses have been offered to students within the past several years.

Access to Knowledge Practicum
Advanced Advocacy for Children and Youth
Advanced Domestic Violence Clinic
Advanced Environmental Law Seminar: U.S. and EU Approaches to Regulating Chemicals,Biotechnology, and Nanotechnology
Advanced Immigration Legal Services
Advanced Legal Services for Immigrant Communities
Advanced Worker and Immigrant Rights Clinic
Advocacy for Children and Youth
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Book of Job and Injustice: Seminar
Capital Punishment Clinic
Capital Punishment: Experience in Advocacy
Capital Punishment: Race, Poverty, and Disadvantage
Child Development and the Law: Current Issues
Civil Liberties and National Security After September 11
Community and Economic Development
Comparative Indigenous People’s Rights: Of Constitutions, Cultures, and Claims
Comparative Sentencing Law: Research Seminar
Constitutions and the Environment
Contemporary Legal Issues in Africa
Contracts, Markets, and Social Unity
Convicting the Innocent
Criminal Defense Project
Criminal Law and Administration
Criminal Procedure: Pretrial and Trial
Democracy and Distribution
Disability Rights and Disability Policy
Distributive Justice and the Constitution
Doing Good in Developing Countries
Domestic Violence Clinic 
[The] Education Adequacy Project
Education and the Law
Emerging Trends in Labor Law
Empirical Law and Economics
Employment Discrimination Law
Employment Law
Environmental Law and Policy
Environmental Protection Clinic
Ethics and the Government Lawyer
Ethics Bureau
Ethics in Literature
Ethics in the Practice of Law
European Convention on Human Rights
Federal Criminal Prosecution
First Amendment
Globalization, Development, Poverty, and the Law
Groups, Diversity, and Law
Health Law and Regulation
Human Rights Workshop: Current Issues and Events
Immigration Legal Services
Immigration, Citizenship, Secularization, and Antidiscrimination Policies and Laws
Insurance and Public Policy
International Criminal Court: Prospects for Global Justice
International Criminal Law
International Human Rights: Law and Policy
International Law and Armed Conflicts
Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project
Islamic Law and Ethics
Landlord/Tenant Law
Law and Globalization
Law and Organizing
Law and Psychology: Wrongful Convictions
Law and the Reactive Attitudes
Law of Climate Change
Law of Democracy
Law, Secrets, and Lying
Laws of War
Lawyering Ethics Clinic
Legal Assistance
Legal Services for Immigrant Communities
Legislative Advocacy Clinic
LGBT Rights Litigation
Liman Public Interest Workshop
Local Government in Action: Workshop on Affirmative Litigation in the City of San Francisco
Localism: Public Interest Lawyering in Cities and States
Lowenstein International Human Rights Clinic
Media Law
Medicine, Ethics, and Law
Military Justice
Mortgage Foreclosure Litigation Clinic
Native American Law
Natural Resources Law
Nonprofit Organizations Clinic
Origins of “Public” and “Private”
Peace Making
Political and Civil Rights in Canada and the U.S. 
Prison Legal Services
Property and Identity: The Case of “Race” and “Space”
Property and Public Rights: Seminar
Property, Social Justice, and the Environment
Public Order of the World Community
Reconstruction from the Right
Regulating Love, Sex, and Marriage: Seminar
Representative Government, the Administrative State, and Social Change, 1860s-1950s
Representing Children in Child Protective Proceedings
Rights in Comparative Perspectives
Role of a Judge in a Democratic Society
Six Books on Law, Religion, and Culture
Sources of Environmental Law
Theory of Social Change
Transnational Development Clinic
Two Bibles and Injustice: Seminar
Veterans Legal Services Clinic
War Against Terrorism and the Rule of Law
Work and Gender
Worker and Immigrant Rights Advocacy Clinic and Fieldwork
Workplace Theory and Policy Workshop: New Directions in Labor and Employment Law
Workshop on Chinese Legal Reform
World Constitutionalism

Reading Groups
After the first term, with the approval of a faculty member, students are able to create reading groups to explore topics of interest. The participating students receive one credit for the effort, and students commonly use this vehicle to explore areas of public interest law that may otherwise not be currently addressed in the curriculum. Although the topics vary widely, a sampling of recent reading groups includes:
        Global Health and Human Rights
        Topics of Domestic Violence
        Balancing Civil Liberties: National Security
        Education Policy
        Poverty and Opportunity
        Creating Social Change