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Public Interest Profiles

From building houses for Habitat for Humanity, to collecting clothing for victims of Hurricane Katrina, Yale Law School students, staff, and faculty often band together on public interest projects, both within and outside the classroom.  Following are a few profiles of student and faculty projects that show the accomplishments and spirit of the Law School community in the public interest.


Judith Sandalow ’90  Executive Director, Children’s Law Center
Expecting A+ work—an innovative model of representation

Richard Buery ’97
A Continuing Commitment to Social Justice

Shirley Adelson Siegel ’41
A New Experience at the End of Her Career

Clinical Professor Jean Koh Peters
How Children's Voices Are Heard

Professor Michael Wishnie '93
If it Offends Your Sense of Justice, There is a Fellowship

Matiangai Sirleaf ’08
Public Interest Careers – Legacy of Apartheid

Anjali Dalal ’10
Public Interest Careers – Internet Policy

Eric A. Friedman ’02
Public Interest Careers – Aids Advocacy

Ben Gross ’10
Public Interest Careers – New Haven’s Housing Department

McGregor Smyth ’99
Public Interest Careers – Victims of Police Abuse