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YLS Alumni in Law Teaching

There are over one thousand YLS alumni currently teaching in law schools across the country and throughout the world.  Four of the deans of the top five law schools—and eight of the deans of the top ten law schools—graduated from YLS.  Many of these alumni would be delighted to help you as you go on the law teaching market. 

Perhaps you have a callback interview: you might want to speak with YLS alumni who were recently hired at that school to find out what the process is like or to obtain more information about the school.  Maybe you would like advice about your job talk: There might be YLS alumni in your field who would be willing to give you feedback.  Past candidates have found it helpful to speak with alumni in their field, alumni teaching in the geographic area in which they are interested, or alumni who were recently hired.

There are several ways to contact YLS alumni in law teaching.  You can search YLS Career Connections to find alumni who are specifically interested in assisting law teaching candidates. There are also many alumni who are not registered with Career Connections, but who would be happy to answer questions or offer suggestions.  Professor Ian Ayres can suggest alumni you might wish to contact.