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Law Teaching Placement Committee

The Law Teaching Placement Committee, a group of YLS faculty presently led by Prof. Ian Ayres, offers advice and support for YLS graduates entering the market.   For simplicity, there is a single central email address for potential law teaching candidates: lawteaching@yale.edu.  You can use this email address to send questions, submit your CV for review, or request a telephone or in-person appointment. As a first step you should send an email to this address to make sure you are added to either the current YLS candidates’ email list or to an email list for those who are interested in law teaching in the future. Signing up for one of these lists will ensure that you receive timely notices and information. Professor Ayres also encourages candidates to feel free to call his cell phone (203-415-5587) at any time (or you may schedule a conversation by emailing marguerite.camera@yale.edu).  You are also welcome to contact Professor Reva Siegel at reva.siegel@yale.edu, Clinical Professor Mike Wishnie at michael.wishnie@yale.edu, and Associate Dean Megan Barnett at megan.barnett@yale.edu.  The YLS Law Teaching Placement Committee aims to provide a “cycle of support” services throughout the process.