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Board and Contact Info

YHeLPS Board for 2015-16

Co-Chairs: Liz Dervan ‘17 & Deb Mazer ‘17

Career Development Chair: Nathan Nash ‘17

Student Research Chair: Will Hudson ‘17

Medical Legal Partnership Co-Chairs: Dennise Moreno ‘17 & Nathan Nash ‘17

YHeLPS Board for 2014-15

Director: Christine Monahan ‘16

Medical Legal Partnership Co-Directors: Jeffrey Chen ‘16 and Jessica Tsang ‘16

Programming Chair: Marina Romani ‘16

Career Development Chair: Christopher Lee ‘16

Social Chair: Devorah (Dvora) Toren ‘16

Contact Information

You can reach YHeLPS at yhelps@yale.edu. Feel free to contact us with questions about our academic events, medical-legal partnerships, and professional development opportunities.

We’re always delighted to hear from YLS alumni and other health law professionals who are interested in speaking at the Law School, mentoring students, or collaborating on academic projects and advocacy initiatives.