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About YJLH

In the twenty-six years since its inception, the Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities (YJLH) has become a premier forum for articulating the vital intersections between law and the liberal arts. Grounded in the ever-deepening awareness that interdisciplinary investigation is crucial to an understanding of both the law and our culture, YJLH provides a unique intellectual arena for encounters between law and a variety of disciplines.

YJLH is composed of students studying at the Yale Law School as well as graduate students studying humanities-related disciplines through the other graduate programs at Yale University. We publish two issues per year and are currently working on the first issue of our twenty-sixth volume.

Volume 26 Masthead (2013-2014)

Editors-in-Chief: Rachel Fried and Bryn Williams

Executive Editors: Matthew Reed and William Zichawo

Managing Editors: Joshua Levin and Iya Megre

Articles Editors:Elisabeth Ford, Noah Greenfield, David Kim, Karlanna Lewis, and Josh Stein

Notes Editor:Shouvik Bhattacharya

Editors:Zachary Herz, Bryan Dennis Tiojanco, and Els Vandensande