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About Dean's Certifications

After an applicant is admitted, Yale Law School requires as a prerequisite tomatriculation a Dean's Certification Form from each college or university degree program in which an applicant is, or has been, enrolled, regardless of whether a degree was awarded.More information about Dean's Certifications is included in the materials sent to admitted students.
Timeline 2014-2015
Sept. 3: Fall term classes begin; we recommend a visit

Sept. 27: LSAT

Oct. 1: Yale begins accepting applications

Dec. 6:

Dec. 19-Jan. 5:
Winter break

Jan. 20: Spring term classes begin

Feb. 7: LSAT

Feb. 9: Last possible date to take the LSAT

Feb. 28: Last day applications are accepted

Mar. 15: Financial aid deadline

Mar. 14-Mar. 22: Spring break

Apr. 10-Apr. 30: Most decisions are made by mid- to late April

Apr. 27: Classes end

May 4: Deadline for deposits