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The “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” Law School

S.M., 2L

When I went through the law school application process, I wrestled with many questions. Should I go to law school if I was not unequivocally committed to becoming a lawyer? Was law school for me?

I pushed my thoughts away, put in the application, and ended up here at YLS. One year later, I have discovered that I made the right decision. I still have many thoughts on what career path might be best for me. But coming to Yale Law School was definitely one of the wisest decisions I have ever made.

YLS is more than just a law school. It certainly is a wonderful place to start a legal career, and an institution committed to forming its students into good practitioners before they enter the profession. But it is much more than that. It is also an incredible educational experience.

First, it is because of the professors. They are creative, interdisciplinary thinkers who challenge students to analyze issues carefully, to re-examine their intellectual paradigms, and to question the definition of a problem before attempting a solution. They are engaged and intellectually excited. They are lifelong learners, and treat students with respect as fellow scholars. In my experience, every one of my classes has been valuable because I learned not only the subject matter, but also skills that made me think more deeply, analyze more precisely, and approach issues from more creative perspectives.

Second, it is because of the flexibility. Both the faculty and staff are incredibly supportive of student initiatives and ideas. Regardless of where you decide to go after law school, there is a way to form your time at YLS into a useful preparation for that career. From reading groups on Italian literature to the excellent legal history and law & economics faculty, from the Law and Business Society to courses on art law, there are countless ways to personalize and individualize your experience.

So, in the final analysis, a decision to come to YLS does not rest on having an unequivocal commitment to a career path. Attending YLS is about enjoying a dynamic educational experience, and getting to choose your own adventure in an institution of great intellectual diversity and excitement.