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Scholarships are available from Yale and from outside sources. Yale awards grants on the basis of financial need. Scholarships and grants awarded from outside sources are used to reduce the loan portion of a Yale Law School award.

YLS Scholarships & Grants
Yale Law School grants are provided from the Law School's institutional resources and endowed scholarship funds.

Grants are awarded solely on the basis of financial need. The Law School does not give merit-based or criteria-based scholarships. The maximum possible grant is the amount of tuition. International students are also eligible for grants on the basis of financial need.

Special or endowed scholarships, such as those listed in the Law School Bulletin, are awarded only to students with demonstrated financial need and do not increase the recipients' awards. No separate application is necessary, but all grant recipients are required to complete a Financial Aid Questionnaire.

Grants are distributed by crediting 50 percent each term to the student's term bill account through the Office of Student Financial Services (SFS).

Scholarships and grants from outside sources
Generally, scholarships or grants from outside sources will be applied 100 percent to reducing the loan portion of a Yale Law School award. For outside scholarships over $15,000, a portion may be used to reduce the grant award. Regardless of the size of the outside scholarship, you must notify the Financial Aid Office of the source and amount of the award as soon as possible.