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Emergency and Short Term Loans

"Short term" advances up to $1,000 per month are available from Yale to help students meet basic needs temporarily (e.g., when a student has completed a financial aid loan application on a timely basis but disbursement has been delayed).

"Emergency" loans are intended to meet needs not covered by financial aid. Students are expected to identify a source of repayment and demonstrate that repayment can reasonably be expected within 60 days. Emergency loans normally do not exceed $350, may not be used to pay term bills and may not be extended beyond the next registration period or graduation.

Both short term and emergency loans can be arranged through the Financial Aid Office. If you are facing financial difficulties at any time, please do not hesitate to contact us.

My experience here – first as an LL.M. now as a J.S.D. candidate – has simply changed my life, by giving to me the possibility to work internationally.
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