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Three More Years

K.B., 3L

Im in my third year at YLS and I have to say: I wish I had three more years.  I have had incredible opportunities here.  Last year, I directed the Temporary Restraining Order Project and Community Lawyering Clinic, served as a Deans Advisor for 1Ls, led the Yale Law Christian Fellowship, and became Activism Chair of Yale Law Women.  Doing all of these activities at the same time was probably a bit too much, but I couldnt help it; I was thrilled to be a part of each initiative.

This year, Im a bit less student activity-oriented and a bit more academic.  Ive just submitted one paper for publication (keeping my fingers crossed), and I started writing another on financial aid and marriage with Professor Anne Alstott, a preeminent tax scholar who also teaches Family Law.  Meanwhile, Im helping to found a domestic violence law clinic that will launch this spring.  Were just starting to draw up a course description and syllabus.

In some ways, I feel as though my time at Yale Law School is just beginning.  I want to see the Domestic Violence Clinic come to fruition and flourish.  I want to write more papers about family law, domestic violence, and culture.  I have ten paper topics in my head that Id like to fully develop.  There are at least a dozen more classes I want to take.  And I would love to get to know more professors, go to office hours, and learn how they got to where they are. 

I have mentioned academic and clinical pursuits, but perhaps more importantly, I would love to have three more years with my classmates.  After all, I came to Yale Law School in part because of the people I knew I would meet here.  And they are even more interesting as they leave this place than they were when they came in.  They have found their respective niches developed interests and expertise in international human rights, sentencing, religious liberty, entertainment law, corporate finance, etc.  I wish I had more time to get to know each one of themto sit with each over a cup of coffee or two.

Maybe I can convince Dean Koh to extend legal education for just one more year