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Checklists & Deadlines

It is very important that you meet all financial aid and funding deadlines.  If you know that you will have a problem meeting a particular deadline, please contact Pat Barnes in advance to make arrangements. 

If you miss deadlines, you may not be eligible for various types of funding (such as grants) and you may incur substantial late fees.  If you need to turn receipts in to the Financial Aid Office, you must do so within 10 days of incurring expense in order to be reimbursed.

2Ls and 3Ls:
Sept. 15 - SPIF Employment Verification Forms due (necessary to release final SPIF payments)    

Dec. 1 - Spring Term bills due

1Ls and 2Ls:
Feb. 1 - SPIF Part I forms due

Admitted Students:
March 15 - deadline to apply for financial aid.  For more information, please see our answers to frequently asked questions

1Ls and 2Ls:
April 15 - Applications for financial aid (loans and grants) due (application forms are available online after January 1)

1Ls and 2Ls:
April 15 - SPIF Part II forms due

1Ls and 2Ls:
May 3 - All additional documents for financial aid (tax returns, etc.) due

May 20
- Bar loans must be taken out by May 20