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Applying for Private Loans

In addition to federal loans, students may need to use certain state or private supplemental loans. Students and parents may also wish to do additional research, such as contacting their own state loan guaranty agency directly to determine and compare the terms and rates of other supplemental loan programs for which they may be eligible.
The Financial Aid Office will determine how much you are eligible to take out in private loans.  You are not required to take the full amount; please consider how much you will really need.  You will then need to select a lender and apply for the loan.  Instructions for how to do this should be in the lenders’ websites.  Once this loan has been approved by your lender you will then need to complete the Notification and Confirmation Form which is contained in the Financial Aid Forms Booklet (and also here) and submit it to the Financial Aid Office for certification.
Deadline: If any part of the private loan will be used to pay your fall term tuition bill you must apply for the loan by May 3, 2011.