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Friends at YLS

C.C., 2L

A couple weeks ago I enjoyed the best flan Iíve ever tasted.  This delicious dessert had been preceded by freshly fried plantains and a buffet of rice, beans, pork, and beef.  Surprisingly, my fabulous meal was not served at New Havenís Soul de Cuba Café (though I do highly recommend this restaurant).  Instead, a member of my small group had hosted a reunion at his apartment and decided to cook some of his family recipes.  It was a night full of great food and wonderful company.

As a second year, I donít get to see my small group as often as Iíd like.  We try to have weekly lunches, but as our schedules get more crazed, itís sometimes hard to pull everyone together.  But at the end of January, before the new semester was in full swing, we took the night to enjoy hanging out and remember our first semester together.  We were lucky to even have our former TA join us, who is now clerking in New Haven for Second Circuit judge (and YLS professor), Guido Calabresi.

When I first arrived in my small group classroom last year, I was intimated by the new college graduates who had recently finished their political science degrees and seemed to know more about the Supreme Court than I ever would.  But as the semester progressed, I realized not only was I learning a great deal about constitutional law from my professor, I was also learning a lot from my classmatesóand loving all the time we spent together.

I moved to New Haven from Los Angeles, and admittedly, the transition was not easy.  But I came to YLS because the students here seemed so incredible, and they have not disappointed.  In addition to the chef in my small group, another classmate of ours is a world-class squash player.  The other day, I came across a policy proposal two friends of mine had published in the Hartford Courant.  And Friday night, I heard the story how two other friends met before law school while trekking to the Mount Everest Base Camp.  YLS students do amazing things, but more importantly, they are enjoyable to be around.  There are remarkable people here, and Iím lucky to spend three years with them.  I look forward to seeing what they will do in the future.  And in the meantime, Iíll happily eat four pieces of the best flan ever when someone makes it for me.