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Transfer Applicants

Yale Law School welcomes applications for transfer. Each year,roughly 200 students from a broad range of law schools apply, and typically 10 to 15 are accepted.

Transfer applications must be submitted between May 1 and July1 of the year in which admission is sought. All applicants must have finished the equivalent of one year of a J.D. program at another ABA-approved law schooland meet the other eligibility requirements for transfer applicants.The admission process for transfer applicants is not rolling; all decisions are releasedduring the second and third weeks of July.

The application for transfer admission is available online through the LSAC electronic application service atLSAC.org.

"Fast Track" Transfer Application

Yale Law School offers an abbreviated transfer application for individuals who were either admitted to Yale Law School or offered a place on our waitlist as first-year applicants."Fast Track" applicants do not need to submit a personal statement or 250-word essay with their applications, are required to submit only one letter of recommendation from a law school faculty member, and need to pay a reduced application fee of $50.If you would like a copy of the "Fast Track" transfer application, please send an e-mail toadmissions.law@yale.edu with your full name and LSAC account number to request an application form.