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SPIF Funding

Summer public interest work is such an important and valuable experience for Yale students so the Law School has guaranteed that a SPIF fellowship will be at least $6,000 (pro-rated at $500 per week for up to 12 weeks).  Volunteering for SPIF – SC, (Student Contribution) Fundraising, increases a SPIF award based on the money raised by the fundraisers throughout the academic year and is matched by Yale Law!  Students may also receive outside funding from grants, stipends from their public interest employer, additional jobs, etc., and SPIF grants will be adjusted so that the total earnings for the summer do not exceed the $6,000 maximum.

SPIF-SC conducts fundraisers throughout the year to raise money to supplement SPIF funding.  The amount of the supplement depends on the amount of money participating students raise.  In order to receive the SPIF-SC supplement, students must make a substantial contribution to organize one of the fundraisers.  A student must volunteer for one of the fundraisers to receive the increased award (AND receiving SPIF funds) based on SPIF-SC's policy.  SPIF-SC will send out information regarding the fundraising throughout the academic year. 

Split Summers
Please note that you may only receive a total of 12 weeks of funding from the Law School for SPIF, Schell, Linkages or other Law School programs.  Students who split the summer between a public interest organization and a private law firm, generally are not eligible for SPIF funding because the earnings will be more than the $6,000 maximum allowed summer budget.