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The Law School expects all students to finance a portion of their education with loans. We strive to minimize and equalize our students’ debt load. In general, we allocate our grant resources to students with the greatest financial need, and use a formula that increases the proportion of grant as total need increases.

In 2011-12, students are expected to meet the first $38,800 to $40,800 of their need with loans, depending on their class year. Students whose total need is less than this amount will normally receive only loan assistance. Students whose need exceeds this amount will often receive scholarship grants. Further, need which exceeds the basic budget is met in the form of additional loans or, in some cases, through a combination of grants and loans.

There are several types of loans available from various lenders. The most common types of loans for Yale Law students are Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans, Grad Plus, and private loans. You should become fully informed of the terms of each type of loan and your obligations for repayment.